Application engineering is our key strength, and rightly so, as we offer the widest range of picks and place solutions, across multiple industries. Our list of applications is only growing, with many specialized handling needs solved efficiently for highly critical applications. Today, Fine's solutions are improving efficiency and ease across seven diverse industry segments across hundreds of applications.
Here is a glimpse of our work across the industries and processes we have served:


  • Engine Machine Line

    Fine Handling provides complete range of material handling solution for Engine assembly line for effortless and easy handling of the components.

  • Assembly Line

    Fine Handling has solved handling challenges for a wide variety of components on the assembly line to achieve the desired cycle time and maintaining highest safety.

  • Body In White

    With safety at its core, Fine Handling has developed customized solutions to meet th specific requirement of body shop ensuring risk free and easy handling.


  • Food

    Fine Handling offers customized and innovative solutions for wide variety for requirements of food industry with core focus on hygiene and safety.

  • Glass

    Fine Handling's pick and place systems for glass are custom engineered to reduce labour, increase productivity, improve ergonomics and ensure safety.

  • Paper

    Pick and Place transfer solutions specially developed for paper industry for easy, quick and safe movement of material from fine handling.

  • Logistics

    Fine handling has developed innovative solutions for your logistics requirement which fasten the processes, reduce manpower and intern increase the profitability.

  • Chemicals

    Ensure highest level of safety, effortless handling and drastic reduction in wastage with specialized material handling solutions from Fine Handling.