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​Date: 1-5 JUNE 2017
Stall no: E-415
Venue: CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex Coimbatore, India

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Fine Handling has been pivotal in bringing world-class, innovative handling solutions to the Indian market and gradually to its overseas clients. Each of our product, system and project is focused on realization of a singular goal – to enhance safety and productivity by multi-fold! With more than 30 products and systems, over a decade of experience and over 1000 installations, Fine Handling works as a total solution provider for all your lifting and handling needs.
Where ever there is a requirement of repetitive handling of objects in

manufacturing, welding, or assembly lines, Fine Handlings develop innovative solutions to make the handling easier, safer, and efficient. Each and every solution is unique and is tailored around the specific handling task.

  • Highest standards of safety
  • Designs that are delightfully operator friendly
  • Sturdy and durable systems



Fine Handling has built specialized capability to respond to your unique needs with the highest quality material handling solutions, technology, and services available in the world. From simple lifting tasks to high speed material handling processes, our automation solutions offer huge gains in productivity. Whether you are looking for a standalone pick and place solution, conveyor system, robotic handling or integrated, fully automated solution, our team will work with you to find the best method and technology application to fit your business.

and our wide range of grippers

News & Events

  • blech-india-featured-image-blog-post-fine-handling-and-automation

    Comprehensive Range of Material Handling Solutions for Sheet Metal Industry

    April 27, 2017

    Fine Handling participates in Blech india 2017 – India’s leading Exhibition on sheet metal energy.

    Fine Handling has an extensive experience in developing innovative handling solutions for a variety of industries including Automotive, Machine Tools, Heavy Engineering etc. Fine Handling has designed and supplied highly niche solutions to handle sheet metal plates, semi-finished sheet metal components and finished parts to these industries.

    At Blech India, a leading exhibition for the sheet metal industry, Fine Handling will showcase its entire range of solutions to make handling safer, efficient and faster for the sheet metal industry.

    Speaking on the participation at Blech India, Nilesh Karandikar of Fine Handling, says ‘Advanced handling solutions for sheet metal parts are common in developed world, but still haven’t become a norm in India. Fine Handling offers world-class solution at an highly affordable price and thus proves to be an attractive option to shift from tackle-crane based handling of sheet metal plates and parts.’

    Starting from vacuum lifters to highly innovative Elbow Lifts (a patent pending product from Fine Handling), Fine Handling’s solutions can handle sheets and components weighing from several kilos to 5 Tonnes.

  • manipulator-wheel-to-car-hub-ipick&place-blog-fine-handling-automation

    Unmanned Manipulator takes the Wheel to Car Hub

    April 18, 2017

    Wheels on the car assembly line are presented on conveyors and typically handled by the Operators while carrying them to the car hub. India’s largest car manufacturer selected Fine Handling to develop a fully automated solution to carry the wheel from the conveyor to the Operator at the car hub.

    System is designed to handle 7 different types of wheels with weights ranging from 12 kg to 17 kg
    An automated system that picks up the wheel from roller conveyor, tilts and unloads it on a gripper which takes it to the Operator waiting at the Car Hub, all by itself, in less than a minute. Synchronous working of Roller Conveyor, Unique Gripper and a telescopic manipulator with motorized drive to carry the tyre.

    Key Features
    Fully automated PLC based system
    System with 55 limits switches uses highly complex, interdependent programming logic
    In case of emergency, a manual mode of operation is available

    Concept to commissioning in 30 days
    Achieved desired cycle-time of less than a minute
    Multi-thronged optimisation – costs, process and manpower
    Safer, faster and flexible automation of process

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